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Personal and Executive Coaching

Many of the individuals and couples we see in our practice are dealing with life problems that transcend medically-based diagnostic categories. These issues are not symptoms of larger problems like clinical depression, but the natural expression of our complicated human lives. Sometimes, our problems are just the result of our efforts to get through life as best we can - efforts which have had both positive and negative outcomes.

There is always more right with us than wrong with us. Personal coaching emphasizes the strengths we can bring to our life's goals, and focuses on cultivating our most powerful human abilities: compassion, kindness, joyfulness, acceptance, and awareness.

Our Personal and Executive Coaching Program draws on our many years of experience as educators and psychologists, integrating several principles that we believe are central to positive change.

Acceptance and Commitment

Our coaching strategies rely on this fundamental principle, which we have learned through many years of helping people in psychotherapy: Meaningful change always requires both a thorough acceptance of ourselves as we are, and a commitment to act in accordance with our deep personal values. In our personal coaching sessions, you will learn to contact and express what is deeply important to you, and to develop concrete ways of expressing this in your life. We encourage this in the context of acceptance and compassion for ourselves, just as we are.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology figures prominently in our personal coaching program. We have learned that happiness is not really the result of things that happen to us, but can be cultivated in the way we engage our lives. We draw on the growing body of psychological research on this topic to help people live more satisfying lives and realize their potentials.


Mindfulness is what enables us to be in the present, the place in which all change occurs. In taking action which actualizes our most far-reaching goals, the only thing we can ever do is take one step from right here. It can be startling to realize how much of our time we spend in daydreams and preoccupations, completely out of contact with our real life. Mindfulness helps us orient to who we really are, and what we are really experiencing. With this perspective, the path to our personal and professional goals is much clearer.

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