? Integrative Health Partners: Mindfulness and Psychotherapy in Downtown Chicago
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Integrative Health Partners is committed to providing the highest quality psychotherapy, professional training, and public education. We offer a mindfulness-based approach to problems of depression, stress, anxiety, addictive behaviors, and eating disorders, and to building relationships. Our treatment modalities include Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness-Based Sobriety, and Symptom-Focused Dynamic Psychotherapy.


The path to wellness is never more than a single step away.  Psychotherapy can help us turn in the direction of growth and well being.

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In times like these, when social distancing is mandatory, telecommunications resources are a welcome lifeline. You can connect with us safely and confidentially.

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Our Therapists

The staff at Integrative Health Partners is interested in helping you find the resources to live the kind of life that is meaningful to you.

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Our program in Executive Coaching will help you to understand and navigate the challenges of the workplace, clarify your goals, and build your skills.

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Mindfulness-Based Sobriety

Mindfulness-Based Sobriety is an innovative and person-centered method for exploring and addressing the impact of addictive behaviors.

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Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness is our ability to be completely present, for our families, our challenges, and ourselves.  It deepens and enriches our lives.

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We have taught mindfulness to professionals, educators, families, church groups, and businesses. A customized program can get you started on the path.

Guided Meditations

We have created and collected a variety of guided meditations to help you establish your mindfulness practice. You can listen and download for later.

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