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Integrative Health Partners offers telehealth services to current and new clients. This technology is crucial to care in many situations, including times when social distancing is prudent.

Most insurance plans are covering telehealth, and some are even waiving co-pays and co-insurance fees for patients. With certain policies, like HMO plans and others with limited networks, insurance companies may have restrictions on the providers they will reimburse. Please check with your insurer about any possible restrictions in your coverage.

In teletherapy, just as in face-to-face therapy, we will always deliver the best and safest possible care that we can. We will use an encrypted telehealth platform to protect your confidentiality. However, there are some cautions with teletherapy services. The available technology is far from perfect, and there may be disruptions in the quality of audio and video transmission. Occasionally, a teletherapy session may need to transition to regular telephone contact for the audio portion. You and your therapist will have to have each other’s phone numbers at hand to insure this safeguard is possible.

Even though our conversations are encrypted, we have read reports of some instances in which calls were hacked. Because the technology is not under our control, we cannot completely guarantee the security of your telehealth sessions. Please be sure that your computer, tablet, or smartphone is secure, and that you are having the teletherapy session in a private space. We will not record any of our sessions, and we ask that you also refrain from doing so.

Prior to any course of teletherapy sessions, you should read and sign the Teleservices Agreement Form provided on this website. Discuss this and any concerns with your therapist ahead of time.

We are glad that this method of offering psychotherapy is available to us, especially in difficult times. Your therapist can help you determine if this is right for you.

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