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At Integrative Health Partners, we practice the integration of three powerful therapeutic approaches: mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dynamic psychotherapy.

The most important thing about psychotherapy is that it is responsive to the needs of the individual. We want to give you some general information about our approach here, but we invite you to communicate with us directly about your situation. Please contact us about your particular concerns and feel free to ask any questions about our therapists and our therapies.

Psychodynamic therapy encourages insight into our relationships and the ways they affect us and our patterns of behavior. Cognitive behavioral therapy offers practical tools and techniques that directly help reduce suffering. Mindfulness enhances our self-awareness, our emotional resilience, and our enjoyment of the world around us. It has been scientifically studied and integrated into both psychodynamic and cognitive approaches.

One of our integrative psychotherapies is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This evidence-based treatment draws heavily on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness traditions. Effective with a wide range of problems, ACT helps people actualize the deep values that make for a worthwhile life, using the resources of mindfulness, cognitive science, and neurobiology. Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Relapse Prevention Therapy are other counseling approaches that we have found widely useful.

At Integrative Health Partners, we take an interactive, flexible, and comprehensive approach to mental health problems. Our style of counseling, which can be brief or long-term, can bring greater self awareness and relief from distressing symptoms including anxiety, depression, and addictive behaviors. We also address concerns such as self-esteem, identity issues, and the accomplishment of personal goals.

We believe that, through an integrative psychotherapy, we can have a dialogue that is uniquely suited to your situation.  We ensure a confidential counseling relationship that is both safe and supportive, where you can feel free to discuss your struggles as well as your strengths. At Integrative Health Partners, we are deeply committed to helping you to understand yourself more deeply, and to develop the tools you need to live a valued life. 

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Learn more about coming to Your First Visit with us. Any of our clinicians would be glad to answer your questions about therapy and counseling. Please visit the page About Us to learn more about our therapists.

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