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Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

taught by Becca Meyer, Psy.D.

Mindfulness is a way of participating in our lives that brings greater calmness and well being. Integrating traditional meditation practices with modern behavioral medicine, our Mindfulness and Stress Reduction classes help people to mobilize mind/body resources for greater health and well-being. Participants find a more balanced and centered way of encountering the stresses of daily life, leading to reduced frustration and worry, and increased enjoyment.

Our program teaches mindfulness in daily life: the ability to meet each experience as it comes, with openness and relaxation. The emphasis is on letting go of worry and concern in a way that enables us to be truly present and helpful to ourselves and others. There is a substantial body of empirical research that demonstrates the effectiveness of mindfulness-based treatment for stress. We can help you reclaim those areas in your life that feel controlled by stress and worry.

Mindfulness practice develops our capacity to find a greater sense of patience and a deeper kind of self-trust during moments of agitation. Mindful breathing brings our attention to the present moment, just as it is, without the distortion of anxious anticipation. In returning our attention to the breath when we are caught up with worry, we are training the mind to be less reactive and more stable. Ultimately, this means that, instead of worrying about the future, we can really appreciate the present.

Is Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Right For You?

People who could benefit from this experiential course might be seeking help with:

  • Work-related stress
  • Family and relationship stress
  • Stress about time management
  • Depressed or anxious moods
  • Worry about a particular issue or a tendency to worry all the time
  • Problems with attention, including ADD
  • Difficulties managing anger
  • A chronic medical condition such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or chronic pain

Class Schedule and Tuition

Classes in Mindfulness and Stress Reduction are usually held four times a year. We meet for 2 hours each week, for 4 weeks. Tuition is $250.

Members are asked to commit to attending each class, and to about a half hour of practice each day. Our classes typically consist of 8 to 12 members, with plenty of opportunity for discussion and personal instruction.

The next class begins Soon.

Additional Information

Visit our Resources page for additional resources to support your on-going practice.

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